Revealing Home Energy Audit

Warehouse - Home Energy Audit

Reduce your electric bills and make your house the right temperature when you work with Lone Star Insulation LLC in Weatherford, Texas. We perform a home energy audit and assessment to help you choose the best features.

Difficult Decisions

While energy-efficient features in a home are popular with buyers due to the high fuel prices of the area, the job of choosing these measures falls to the builder or architect. These features affect the energy performance of your building, and they are found in every system and assembly.

Choosing cost-effective measures can be a headache, yet they are essential to protecting your building's durability, as well as the health and safety of its occupants. Our team of experts guides you through your audit or assessment to help you make these decisions.


From viewing the orientation of your home to determine if solar screens are appropriate to looking up how old your sealing and insulation is, our assessments cover a variety of areas. We perform a thorough check on things like the existence of compact fluorescent lights and the age of your refrigerator.


90% of the time, we only have to perform an assessment. If you would like to receive a rating by HERS, a full audit with an infrared camera is available for your home.

Contact our team for the answers you need with a home energy audit.